I came across this article as I was about to log into one of my email accounts today:


This got my attention for several reasons. First and foremost, my maternal grandparents grew coffee in mass quantities in the late 1920’s and 1930’s. I learned to appreciate good coffee at an early age, and for the longest time (while in college), I had coffee shipped up here from Puerto Rico, or simply brought up stashes of it every time I went home for a visit.

Buying coffee is almost like buying wine at our house. We find something new and intriguing and we must try it! These unique finds are saved for the weekend, where we can actually enjoy every sip of every cup; yes, multiple cups are enjoyed. So what might you find if you take a peek at the coffee shelf? Kirkland’s Costa Rican Blend for every day enjoyment. Lavazza, Espresso-Kafe (sold at Ikea), and Kona live on the weekend shelf, for now.

So where do you go for the perfect cup ? If I haven’t tried it yet, I promise I will… pinky swear!